The Macallan Harmony Collection 'Intense Arabica' Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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The second edition in the Harmony Collection limited annual release series, is a special single malt whiskey that emanates bold flavors of sweet oak, espresso, tiramisu and dark chocolate. This whisky was designed to create a multi-sensory tasting experience when paired with a strong, dark coffee.

The smooth crema color carries scents of gingerbread, raisins, and tiramisu that are woven between hints of almonds, sweet oak, and vanilla. The palate first greets you with the bold flavors of espresso, dark chocolate, raisins and tiramisu that are followed by vanilla, Brazil nut, sweet oak, and blackberry. The finish is long, balanced and sweet with the taste of dark roast coffee.

Bottled at 44% ABV - 88 Proof