Angels Envy

2021 Angel's Envy Cask Strength Port Wine Barrel Finish Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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A finish worthy of envy...

Ranked the "Best Spirit in the World" by F. Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal in 2013 and given "Five Stars, Highest Recommendation." in 2015. Angel's Envy Cask Strength is unlike any bourbon you've ever tried. They are releasing a very limited number of bottles of their Cask Strength in 2021, so don't miss your chance to pick up a bottle of this rare and delicious spirit. Each year's release is distinctly unique and is pulled from the most remarkable barrels in their rickhouse.

They judge only a handful of barrels exceptional enough for the lengthy finishing process. The result? Even at 120.7 proof, every sip is worth savoring. A remarkably complex spirit, they suggest you enjoy it neat or with just a spot of water to release the flavor nuances, and perhaps with a few friends who appreciate outstanding whiskey. Angel's Envy Cask Strength was worth waiting for, now it's worth sharing.

"Our Cask Strength whiskey is almost completely unfiltered, or as close as you can get. There's no active charcoal and we never chill filter. We use an 80-Micron Stainless Steel Screen to remove the large chunks of char, and that's it. We want the spirit to be as pure from the cask as we can possibly get. Some bottles will have more sediment and haze than others, but that is part of the nature of this wonderful nectar. Had we pulled a sample directly from the barrel and bottles it, it would look much the same."
-Kyle Henderson, Production Manager

Our allocation of the 2021 Cask Strength release is from Batch# C10, bottled at 120.7% ABV.

Only 14,760 bottles were released in November 2021.