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St. George Spirits Single Malt Whiskey

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For Lot 22, St. George Spirits Master Distiller Lance Winters and Blender Dave Smith selected and blended 20 barrels from the distillery’s inventory. The cooperage includes used Kentucky bourbon barrels, used Tennessee whiskey barrels, as well as both American and French oak via apple brandy, port, and California Sauternes-style wine casks. The youngest barrel is about four-and-a-half years, while the oldest single cask is about eight-and-a-half years old. Lot 22 also includes cask blends with whiskey dating back 23 years.

Lot 22 is a rich and satisfying evolution of our single malt that beautifully showcases all the fruit we’re able to capture from our finishing casks. This year’s release features whiskies that spent time in apple brandy, port, and California Sauternes-style wine casks—which lend the decadent dessert flavors you’ll see in the tasting notes below.

You’ll find scents of espresso, brown butter walnut fudge that are interwoven with notes of cherry cobbler and coriander. Those scents will carry you to flavors of roasted hazelnut, mocha, baking gingerbread, baklava.

Bottled at 43% ABV - 86 Proof