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Sagamore Spirit Reserve Series Rum Cask Finish Rye Whiskey

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The newest release in the Sagamore Spirit Reserve series is a unique Maryland style rye with a rum cask finish. This is a blend of barrel aged 5 and 6 year old rye, where a portion was rested in South American rum barrels and the remaining in Jamaican rum barrels for an additional 10 months then blended together and bottled at 98 Proof.

The palate is ripe with sweet banana and spiced pineapple from the Jamaican rum barrels and balanced by the vanilla and cooked sugar from the South American rum barrels. The flavors of peanut brittle and cinnamon bark carry through to a peppery finish.

This is the perfect whiskey to sip neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail. So why not grab a drink, put your feet up, and watch the clouds?

Bottled at 49% ABV - 98 Proof