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Sagamore Spirit Bottled In Bond Straight Rye Whiskey

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Sagamore Spirit Bottled in Bond Straight Rye Whiskey marks the distillery's first, 100% Maryland made - including the aging and distilling, straight rye whiskey. This Bottled in Bond release showcases the distillery's commitment to excellence by meeting the required specifications of the Bottled-In-Bond Act of 1897. This Bottled-In-Bond Act established that in order for any spirit to receive this designation, it would need to be a product of one distillation season from one distillery, aged in a federally bonded warehouse for at least 4 years, bottled at 100 Proof, and produced in the United States.

This BIB Straight Rye Whiskey features their first batch of whiskey distilled in Maryland, and is a blend of two rye mash bills, a high-rye and a low-rye, showcasing flavors of rye spice from their grain, fruit and floral notes from their sour mash fermentation, and aged notes of toasty caramel.

The rich deep copper color lends scents of chocolate and dark fruit that carry over in taste, which is layered with cinnamon and caramel, while the spicy rye lingers throughout the finish.

Bottled in Bond at 50% ABV - 100 Proof