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Jack Daniels Single Barrel Special Release 2021 Coy Hill High Proof Tennessee Whiskey

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This is the highest proof whiskey from Jack Daniels Distillery yet.

Jack Daniels fourth annual end-of-year special release celebrates Coy Hill which is the highest-elevated rolling hill on the Jack Daniel Distillery property. This rare high-proof release honors the art of the whiskey-making process, as well as showcases how a barrel house location along with the extreme weather and maturation conditions produces an exceptional whiskey flavor. This release was pulled from barrels aged in Coy Hill's 'Buzzard's Nest', the highest levels of the rickhouse.

The Coy Hill High Proof is bottled in its purest form straight from the barrel, with minimal filtration, uncut at 137.4 - 148.3 proof. This release consists of only 27,000 bottles, world wide. Each bottle is labeled with the barrel house number it was pulled from, the barrel number, the barrel entry and bottling dates, as well as an individual Limited Bottle Number. The Limited Bottle Number can be used to register the bottle on the Jack Daniels website.

The dark, chestnut caramel color is eye catching, more reminiscent of weak coffee than a whiskey. Scents of dried dark fruits, caramel, toasted wood, cinnamon and cherry candy are there, but without the antiseptic nose burn that usually accompanies high proof liquor. The flavors of cinnamon cherry candy, brown sugar and caramel lead to warm, long finish of toasted wood and hot cinnamon candy.

This one-of-kind Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel bottle should remain upright at all times unless you are pouring it into a glass to enjoy.

Bottled between 68.7 and 74.15 ABV - 137.4 to 148.3 Proof