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Highland Park Valfather Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Valfather is the final single malt whisky installment in a series of three special edition Viking Legend releases. Valfather is inspired by Odin, the mightiest and most complex of the Norse gods, it only follows that his whisky should be just as complex…

Valfather is the most peated whisky from Highland Park to date, and is matured entirely in their finest refill casks to ensure that all that peat is balanced with subtle layers of flavour and character.

The scents of honey, vanilla and cereal notes lead to smokey bacon and pepper, followed by peat smoke and sea breeze. Flavors of sweet apple, fragrant pear, and crème brûlée are followed by toasted cedarwood and smoked paprika.

Highland Park has been crafting award-winning whisky at their Distillery in Kirkwall, Orkney, since 1798. Age, experience and respect for tradition may define their whisky, but it’s Orkney that sets it apart. Something magic happens there and the result is the wild harmony of flavours found in their whisky.

Bottled at 47% ABV - 94 Proof.