Herradura Aniversario 150th Anniversary Tequila Extra Anejo

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Tequila Herradura 150 Aniversario is a Limited Production One Time Offering.

Herradura Aniversario is an Extra Anejo that is aged for 100 months in American White Oak barrels, creating the ultimate Extra Anejo expression representing 150 years of tequila making excellence. There were less than 8,000 bottles of this limited production Tequila released between Mexico and nine U.S. States, and all of the bottles are individually numbered.

Herradura uses the traditional process of harvesting the 100% Blue Weber Agave from the volcanic lowland region around Amatitian. The agave is then stacked in clay ovens and steamed for at least 26 hours. Once the pinas are cooked, they are crushed to extract the sugary juice, or "mosto", which is then moved into tanks for the natural fermentation process. The final step was the barrelling, which took place in November of 2012.

Tequila Herradura Aniversario commemorates 150 years of Tequila making excellence. Crafted to embody the essence of sophistication and to yield a complex tequila worthy of celebration.

Bottled at 40% ABV - 80 Proof.