El Tesoro

El Tesoro de Don Felipe 85th Aniversario Tequila Extra Anejo

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To honor the 85th anniversary of La Altena, home of El Tesoro, two family legacies were brought together to create an innovative, new tequila that is immersed in tradition. The resulting tequila is complex, with layers of cooked agave, sweetness, and oak. It is an homage to the two legacies that brought it to life, the Camarenas and Noes - Booker and Fred.

This tequila was rested for over three years in the legendary Booker's 30th anniversary bourbon barrels. The barrels lended the extra anejo tequila with hints of vanilla, spiced oak, leather and tobacco. This is truly a tequila to be savored and enjoyed.

Bottled at 42.5% ABV - 85 Proof