Crown Royal

Crown Royal 18 Year Old Blended Canadian Whisky

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From three exceptional whiskys and 18 long years, came the Crown Royal Extra Rare Blended Canadian Whisky. It is a rare blend coming from Crown Royals rarest stock. The quality of the whiskys and the years of maturation have created an unparalleled complexity and unique depth of flavor in this whisky.

Snugged into a dark purple, doored-box, is the customary purple bag that Crown Royal is known for. Inside that bag, you'll find that this extraordinary whisky has been decanted into a beautiful glass bottle with stopper.  

A dark amber whisky carries mellow scents of vanilla and stone fruit with hints of rye spice and floral notes. The initial taste of sweet, subtle oak laced with brown sugar and vanilla will take you to a finish that has lingering hints of black pepper, baking spices and caramel.

Bottled at 40% ABV - 80 Proof