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Barrell Cask Strength 'New Year Edition' Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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“Every autumn, we create a very special blend of bourbons as a toast to the year to come. Barrell New Year Bourbon 2022 is a tribute to the fresh possibilities and sense of renewal that every new year brings.” – Barrell Craft Spirits

Barrell Bourbon Cask Strength New Year 2022 release is a blend of straight bourbon whiskies from seven different states: Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Wyoming, New York, and Texas. The states from which the bourbon whiskies are gathered, differs with each release, giving way to a new experience each year.

The rich maple syrup color leads to scents of dried orchard fruits, orange marmalade, roasted corn and toasted grains. The initial flavors of peppercorns and piney herbal spices give way to baked marmalade, butterscotch, and Tennessee bourbon. This leads to a finish with a slight citrus flare and almond skins.

Bottled at Cask Strength of 57.67% ABV - 115.34 Proof