Willett Family Estate

Willett Family Estate Bottled Single-Barrel 6 Year Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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The Willett Family Estate has worked diligently since the mid 1800's to start, perfect, and craft their award winning spirits. Their pride for the craft is evident in this Rare Release of the 6 Year Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. This bourbon was rested for 6 long years in hand selected white oak barrels. Only 119 bottles were bottled by hand from Barrel No. 3072.

The deep amber bourbon carries bold notes of the "classic Willett scent" that mingle with rich sweet caramel. The warm boldness of the bourbon carries a sweetness with notes of cheery, sweet fruit, and caramel. A depth of flavor is evident when the spices flow in from the back of the palate. The long, sweet caramel finish is laced with spiced fruit and cinnamon.

Bottled at 61.2% ABV - 122.4 Proof