The Last Drop

The Last Drop 50 Year Limited Bottling 2013 Blended Scotch Whisky

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We now bring you the smallest offering of The Last Drop Distillers only 388 bottles in all. Award yourself this great experience, before there is no more.

This is a blend. Not just any blend. Jim Murray awards it 96.5 among the World's top 20 whiskies!

More than 82 whiskies went into the original marrying vat, 50 years ago, many from distilleries long ago closed and forgotten. For 12 years the blend matured, and then most was bottled and sold as a fine 12-year old whisky. However, the company forgot just three casks; they lay at the back of the warehouse, unnoticed, evaporating (the "angels' share"), and developing an unequalled richness of nose and taste. It is from the very last of these barrels that The Last Drop 50 year old comes.

Bottled by hand and sealed with wax, your bottle of The Last Drop nestles in a luxurious red leather case, along with a 50 ml miniature, so that you can taste this magnificent liquid before you decide to open the bottle. You will also find within the box, a 'secret drawer' containing a signed and numbered, leather-bound book, certifying your bottle of The Last Drop 1950, and with room for you to write your own tasting notes as you explore this extraordinary blend. Left unopened, your bottle of The Last Drop 50 year old can be kept for many lifetimes if you wish it will not change. If you decide to open it, please enjoy it until the very last drop! There will be no more.