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Parker's Heritage Collection 11 Year Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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This is the 11th yearly edition of the Parker's Heritage Collection (PHC). This edition is an 11 year old bourbon released in single barrel form. According to the company, it showcases what Parker Beam felt was one of his greatest achievements throughout his more than 50 years of distilling experience the introduction of Heaven Hill's single barrel bourbons. It was aged in Parker's favorite rickhouse location in Deatsville, KY, rickhouse DD.

True for all Single Barrel releases, each barrel will have a different experience. Our bottles came from Barrel #5005820.

Each year as part of the Parker's Heritage Collection, Heaven Hill selects a special whiskey to be released in the name of late Master Distiller Parker Beam. The barrels selected for this series include Bourbon, rye and wheat whiskeys, among others, and are some of the finest and most diverse American Whiskeys ever produced. They are a fitting tribute to the expertise of Parker Beam.

Proof: 122 Proof
Age: 11 years