Buffalo Trace

Old Charter Oak Chinkapin Oak Barrel Aged Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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This bourbon earned much of its character while aging for nine years in special barrels made from Chinkapin Oak trees. Prior to being assembled into barrels, the oak staves from these tall trees air-dried for two years, far longer than the industry-standard three months. As the bourbon matured at Buffalo Trace Distillery, the flavors from the oak became more complex, developed by the climate and changing seasons. The result is a bourbon uniquely shaped by the barrel, with notes of cherries and spearmint, a palate of fresh herbs and honey, with a finish of warm baking spices and dark chocolate.

Tasting Notes

Chinkapin Oak delivers a nose of cherries and spearmint, with hints of floral notes. The palate features notes of fresh herbs and honey, followed by oak. It finishes with warm baking spices followed by dark chocolate.