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Kentucky Owl 'Dry State' 100th Anniversary Limited Edition Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Kentucky Owl was founded in 1879 by a pharmacist, Charles Mortimer Dedman. He and his new bride received a large parcel of land on the banks of the Kentucky River as a wedding gift from his adopted father, a town judge. After running it by his wife, he decided to build the C.M. Dedman Distillery. For decades, it produced "The Wise Man's Bourbon" under Distilled Spirits Plant Designation "No. 16," one of Kentucky's original distilleries and part of a booming industry. For decades, the Kentucky Owl continued to flow.

In 1916, the C.M. Dedman Distillery had something like 250,000 gallons of it in various stages of aging, think '$40 million in inventory' in today's dollars. Try as they might, the Dedman family could not hold out against the forces of teetotalism, temperance and eventually, the Feds. In 1916, as total Prohibition loomed Federal agents descended on the Dedman's distillery, seized the bourbon, and shipped it up the river by barge to the state capital in Frankfort for "safekeeping" in a warehouse.

Dixon Dedman, the great-great-grandson of Charles Dedman & current Master Blender at Kentucky Owl, created an ultra-rare small-batch bourbon that tastes just as good as your 21st Amendment rights. Suitably named 'Dry State', Dedman spent 4 to 5 months perfecting the blend. Hand-selecting each high-quality barrel, only whiskey aged at least 12 years and up to 17 years were considered for the blend. In the end only 2,000 bottles were produced, each one hand signed by Dixon Dedman. This is Kentucky Owl's rarest and longest aged expression to date.

Bottled at 100 proof, this bourbon like the rest of Kentucky Owl's bold expressions, packs a punch yet has an elegant, velvety finish. On the palate, you will experience a full range of flavors, from sweet caramels and toffee to bright citrus and spice.

Naturally, it's best enjoyed neat or with a drop of pure water. Cheers!