Etter Vieille Poire Williams Pear Eau-de-Vie in Glass Fruit Decanter

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This eau de vie (water of life) is made from Swiss Williams pears (called Bartletts in the U.S.) in small copper pot stills. Made using a more expensive process, Etter does not use bulk ethanol and chemical flavors that have become common in other brands, this is an authentic and true eau de vie.

The pears are picked at the height of ripeness and never put in cold storage before they are hand inspected and prepared for fermentation. After an 8-10 weeks of fermentation the fermented mash is then distilled and only the very center cut of the distillation is aged in glass demijohns to mellow for 3 years before bottling.

Over 19 pounds of fruit are used in the production of just one bottle.