Balblair 1969 Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Created in the North of Scotland in the oldest distillery in that area, this whisky is the very embodiment of what they stand for. Only the finest ingredients and their traditional process is used to create this singular whisky. From the Black Isle barley that they malt on site,  to the original squat neck pot stills, this whisky captures all of the natural, local flavor of the Scottish Highlands.

Distilled in 1969, this exceptional whisky spent 43 years in American oak ex-bourbon remade hogsheads casks before it was bottled in 2012. Only 999 bottles were filled with this whisky, and there are only 4 left available in the US.

This gorgeous honey colored spirit carries scents of smoke and spice that are laced with notes of strawberry and vanilla, leading to whiffs of toasted oak and menthol. The initial complex flavors of sweet fruitiness and light spices are perfectly balanced; dried fruits and baked apples intermingling with the black pepper and cinnamon. The finish is long, retaining its balanced flavors with a new hint of bitterness from the orange zest.

Bottled at 41.4% ABV - 82.8 Proof